Bill Cipher is a triangle and is the principal antagonist in Gravity Falls

Appearance Edit

Bill Cipher is a yellow triangle with a eye in the center, a hat and extremities

Appearances Edit

Bill Cipher appears for first time in the episode "Escaping of the Dreams" Having a Deal with Gideon to take the combination of the writing of the Mystery Shack but is defeated by Dipper,Mabel and Soos

Bill Cipher reappears in the episode "Theater of Puppets" and make a deal with Dipper but Bill thiefs the Dipper's Body and the ghost of Dipper appears but Bill is defeated by Mabel and Dipper returns to his body

Bill Cipher make a other appearance in "The Last Mabelcorn" Bill appears in the thoughts of Ford and appears Bill Cipher in the body of Ford and in the end of the episode Bill appears searching a new pawn

Bill appears in other episode before the Weirdmageddon

Weirdmageddon appears in all the chapters of Weirdmageddon but is finally defeated by Grunkle Stan