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Willy is the main antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island.

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Willy is a black and white incarnation of Mickey Mouse and looks similar to the Mickey in the cartoon, Steamboat Willie. He also appears similar to Suicide Mouse, however, his pants are different and his belly appears to be larger.

Behavior Edit

Willy is hostile. He can move throughout most of the locations. If he is found in the office, the player must shut down a camera.

When moving, he will occasionally talk, saying phrases including:

  • "Hey." (in a deep voice, only heard on the title screen)
  • "Hey." (in more of a Mickey-like voice)
  • "Hi there."
  • "Where's my hat?"
  • "He isn't nice."
  • "My boat? You took it!"

Unlike Oswald, Willy does not normally have an echo when talking, with the exception of when he says "hey" and when he talks about his boat.

Locations Edit

Willy starts in Character Prep 1 before look at the camera and can move to the Staff Area, the Meat Freezer, the Lounge, and The Office.

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He isnt nice

Willy saying "He isn't nice".


Willy saying "Hey" in-game.

Hi there

Willy saying "Hi there".

My boat

Willy saying "My boat? You took it."

Where's my hat

Willy saying "Where's my hat?"